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Lightning Rod Components

About Lightning Rods

The design of a lightning rod system depends on the complexity of the structure and the soil conditions in the surrounding area.

Lightning Rods are strategically positioned along the roof ridge, dormers and on higher points such as chimneys, cupolas, and steeples.

Conductor Cable connects the lightning rods to the ground rods or cable.

Bonding Metallic Objects on the structure to the conductor cable.  Common metallic objects include: vents, chimneys, exhaust pipes, skylights, valleys, eaves troughs, down pipes and satellite equipment. 

Ground Rods are driven into the soil to connect the system to the ground.  If soil is unsuitable for ground rods, Grounding Cable can be used as an alternative.

Why Simpson Lightning Rods?

Quality Workmanship

  • Custom designs for unique structures
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer service oriented
  • Professional trained workforce
  • Certified UL Listed installers
  • Family run and operated for over 35 years

If you would like to obtain more information on our lightning rod services, please contact us at 1-800-440-5818 or e-mail us at info@lightning-rods.ca.

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